Current Specials

Just added!  Book a 1 or 2 day rental or any half day rental online and save 10% just for booking it yourself with our online10 coupon.  It is quick and easy and takes most people under 5 minutes.  There are several advantages of booking online vs over the phone.  When you book online you get an email confirmation and a link to the safety video which you can then watch at home, saving you time when you get here.  Additionally, you will get a chance to see all of our policies in writing, and with this coupon to save some real money! So enter code online10 in the coupon line and click on the apply button to save money and time before your next rental.  Coupon expires August 31st 2017.  Not valid for the Mon-Fri rental, on full week rentals, or on previously booked rentals.

Midweek savings!  We aren’t as busy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday as we are the rest of the week and we want to change that.  Help us by taking advantage of our midweek20 coupon code.  For a limited time, save 20% when you book online for any Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday now through August 24th.   Just enter code midweek20 when you book online and don’t forget to click the apply button.  Coupon valid for rentals booked online and occurring before or on August 24th.  Not valid for previously booked rentals.

 Please remember to watch the rental boat safety video before you arrive.  It only takes 10 minutes and it is the law.  Click here to watch it now.